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All those who are fascinated by the mysterious history and legacy of the Inca Empire should visit the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley of the Incas snakes through a narrow valley following the Urubamba River.  The scenery is spectacular and quaint villages are a glimpse into the Incan way of life as many native Quechuan families preserve many customs and ancestral rites. 

The construction of the villages have a fusion of Incan and Spanish architectural styles, but the real treasure of the Sacred Valley  is its people , demonstrating their culture through folklore, handicrafts, clothing, and a way of life to make this tour an unforgettable experience.

Duration : 1 DAY
Difficulty : Light



Pisac boasts one of the most famous markets in the Cusco region, drawing many visitors to its famous Sunday market.  The indigenous Quechuans set up shop in the main square.  Dressed in their colorful clothing, they sit cross-legged with their wares laid out giving the market an authentic feel.  Beware of savvy vendors in this tourist hotspot.

A visit to the ruins overlooking the little town is a must.  On a clear day you have a beautiful view overlooking the Inca terraces and surrounding valley below.  The fascinating ruins include the Temple of the Sun, stone baths, altars, water fountains, and ceremonial platforms.


The Ollantaytambo Archaeological Site is made up of a series of imposing terraces, temples, platforms, paths, and walls built by the Incas.  The entire site offers an excellent view of the surrounding countryside, the town Ollantaytambo, and Incan storehouses or ‘Qollqa’ built on the Pincuylluna Mountain opposite the ruins.


Chinchero was the residence chosen by the Inca (King) Tupac Yupanqui. Today Chinchero is visited for the colonial church built directly upon the walls of the Incas.  This Catholic Church is an amazing symbiosis of Spanish colonial and Incan cultures.  Inside it is covered with classical Christian paintings combined with traces of the Incan culture and religion.  Outside, the Christian cross, carved with Incan symbols, is installed on a base that symbolizes the Pachamamma Goddess (the Mother Earth).  Chinchero is also well known for its gorgeous woven products and colorful market. 


Join other travellers on the tour. Departs daily with collection from central Cusco hotel between 8.10-8.20am. Please note that for group service we do not include Awanacancha Cultural Village. US$ 35 per person

No other persons axcept your group. Departs daily. You have a Private English Speaking Guide and Private Driver at your disposal for the tour. Tour start time: 8.30am 1-6 persons: US$ 250 in total 7-13 persons: US$ 320 in total Enquire about our Private Service


  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Professional Driver
  • Collection from Hotel in Cusco
  • Transportación


  • Entrance fees: All sites on this tour require the Boleto de Turistico which you purchase at the first site you enter.  Cost is Soles 130 per person for the 10 day ticket which allows you entrance into 16 various sites around Cusco and the Sacred Valley or 70 Soles per person for the 1 Day Boleto Turistico primarily only for the valley sites.
  • Lunch – we stop in Urubamba for lunch. If you prefer another location you can arrange directly with your Guide on the tour or with our office.
  • Gratuities

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