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Our agency provides superior and unique tours of the Andes. Peru Wind Travels is your best choice, come with us and explore the wonderful historical places our city offers

PERU WIND TRAVELS is a Peruvian travel agency committed to providing you personalized service with expert advice from your first contact with us and throughout your entire itinerary. Our central philosophy is to provide a service of first-rate quality with top-notch security. Travel with peace of mind knowing that booking with PERU WIND TRAVELS comes with our years of experience in the tourism market. We offer a wide variety of incredible programs for traveling, trekking, and touring all over historic Peru and the Andes. We also allow a “build-your-own” travel package, where you may select your own destinations. “Wherever the wind may blow,” PERU WIND TRAVELS wants to give you the trip of your dreams.


  • Maintain our mission and commit our resources to expanding our travel programs.
  • Create trips, experiences, and adventures that enable our guests in innovating ways to directly and significantly connect with the people and sites of Peru.


PERU WIND TRAVELS’S mission is to enrich the tourist’s experience by granting them the opportunity to know the world from an innovative perspective, providing touristic solutions with social and environmental responsibility, and fulfilling the wishes of our customers, exceeding their expectations, and converting their trips into unforgettable memories of a lifetime.


To be a travel agency that always exceeds the expectations of our clients, offering a personalized and high-quality service combining the experience of our team of professionals with state-of-the-art technology to obtain the greatest satisfaction for our clients.

Why Peru Wind Travels?


  • In PERU WIND TRAVELS the quality of service and customer satisfaction goes hand in hand. We do everything possible to ensure that these two points are present in every step of your trip. To guarantee this, we closely supervise the satisfaction of our customers.
  • The operators of PERU WIND TRAVELS are licensed to guarantee a high standard of quality in all our treks and touring programs. All the trips offered by Peru Wind Travels are operated directly by us. We do not share the operation in any way with other agencies. .


Our guides love their work! They are very friendly and enthusiastic, and they receive constant training to provide the best service to our guests.


Trekking the Andes is not your typical vacation, and most people who come to visit us have little to no experience of life this high up in the mountains. We understand the large responsibility we have in ensuring that you are well taken care of every step of the way. Every year our guides are re-trained and certified in First Aid. They work with a professional medical doctor to learn how to help a client with different ailments and injuries including altitude sickness, stomach issues, sprained ankles, etc. Every guide travels with a full tank of oxygen and a first aid kit. Your health and safety is top priority!


We are a Peruvian agency that uses Peruvian professionals, thus contributing to the development of our country.  We are dedicated to the preservation of our culture and generating local jobs for the development of our Peruvian communities.


Although our journeys frequently take us to remote places, our meal service continues to be varied and delicious. We always include local ingredients in our meals.